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Artist: Olga Juskiw

  • Title: The Muse at 40 plus degrees celsius
  • Year: 2014
  • Medium: acrylic paint & black ink on paper
  • Dimensions: 120.5 x 149 cm
  • Further Information:
    The "Muse At 40 Plus Degrees Celsius" developed as a result of working over the summer months and being relentlessly subjected to the oppressive and never-ending heat. The concept that summer+heat = fire and all it's consequences, is embedded in our psyche, more so to people living in regional/country areas who remain in constant high alert during this season.

    The Muse in this painting is presented as if she has just flopped down, maybe from exhaustion. She is splayed out in a restless repose, maybe to catch a cool breeze. I have used acid, jarring colours to give an impression of discomfort and disquiet. The constantly moving lines in the painting add to the agitation.

    My method of working incorporates washes of paint to create layers in which I gradually reveal the processes and development in the artwork. There is a loose reference to isobars of weather charts in the strong red lines, and the somewhat grid-like drips suggest the mapping of the land.
The Muse at 40 plus degrees celsius