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Artist: Antony Muia

  • Title: Stockpile
  • Year: 2013
  • Medium: watercolour on paper
  • Dimensions: 160 x 110 cm
  • Further Information:
    Two naked men walk arm in arm towards me - their skin is worn with holes. ‘If people were meant to be naked they would have been born this way’-Oscar Wilde.

    A ‘Stockpile’ is a man made accumulation held in reserve for times of shortage or emergency - these materials represent the progress of society and the individual.

    Muia makes drawings about relationships – he is interested in depicting human defect as the norm, and uses distortion to provoke an intimate, almost voyeuristic narrative with the audience.

    He portrays the human body as a generic vessel prone to decline and decay. The characters belong to a poor culture filled with extraverts and his works explore the human condition in relation to wellness, social order and carnal desires.