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Current Exhibitions

The Salon: Benalla Art Gallery Collection
16th Jun 2016 - 11th Dec 2016 
The Salon: Benalla Art Gallery Collection
Ledger Gallery

The Salon presents an extensive experience of the Benalla Art Gallery collection. An amazing array of works from the Collection, including paintings, prints, drawings, decorative arts and furniture, are displayed in a 19th century salon style.

Image: Grace Cossington Smith (1892 – 1984)
Garden. Grey Morning 1947, oil on cardboard. Ledger Gift, 1981

Natural History: Lake Mokoan - Sally Simpson
26th Aug 2016 - 9th Oct 2016 
Natural History: Lake Mokoan -  Sally Simpson
Simpson Gallery

Sally Simpson’s work reflects her fascination with the way values and meaning assigned to land change over time, according to point of view, culture and situation. She uses unexpected methods to transform natural and man-made materials found at particular sites, creating sculptures that evoke artefacts or specimens and drawings that reflect the fragility of the environment. The purpose of these objects is to record the interaction between humans and the land at a particular point in history, as if for a future museum.

Simpson’s Lake Mokoan Series utilises both manufactured and natural materials collected on site including discarded irrigation pipe, lace and fish bones, that reflect the fragility of this environment in flux. Her drawings of mummified fish found at the lake suggest the provisional nature of survival in a changing environment.

Part of a former irrigation scheme, Lake Mokoan is now in the process of being converted to the Winton Wetlands.


Image: Sally Simpson, Venerated remains (installation view). Courtesy of the artist.

Familija - Jacqui Stockdale
9th Sep 2016 - 13th Nov 2016 
Familija - Jacqui Stockdale
Bennett Gallery

Jacqui Stockdale is an artist who grew up in Benalla and whose work is now acclaimed and sought after internationally. Familija includes painting, collage, photography and drawing from the past 15 years of her art practice and explores the artist’s fascination with the body, colonial history and constructed identities. 

Using masks, costumes and objects collected from her travels, Stockdale creates theatrical scenes that are layered with cultural and historical references. Her compelling photographic portraits combine photography and painting, playfully mimicking the genre of exotic postcards where subjects are depicted within a fictional landscape.

Stockdale’s latest photographic portrait series, The Boho, draws on 19th century narratives surrounding Ned Kelly. Her re-imagining of the Kelly story is staged in front of painted landscapes from around the Benalla region, such as Stringy Bark Creek and Power’s Lookout.

Image: Jacqui Stockdale, The Offering 2016, C type print