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Future Exhibitions

Jazmina Cininas: Enter the Lair
2nd Dec 2017 - 28th Jan 2018 
Jazmina Cininas: Enter the Lair
Simpson Gallery

Enter the Lair is a family friendly interactive exhibition that presents a selection of works by Jazmina Cininas that provide an imaginative window into the fantasy world of the female werewolf.  Interactive elements including mask making kits and a large photographic backdrop have been produced especially for the exhibition, enabling visitors to immerse themselves into the imagined worlds and histories of the female werewolf.

Jazmina Cininas is a Melbourne-based artist, arts writer and curator who lectures in printmaking at the RMIT School of Art. For over two decades now, Jazmina has been charting the various incarnations of the female werewolf as a vehicle for her printmaking practice. Her PhD research project saw her create a Girlie Werewolf Hall of Fame by identifying women from throughout history who may qualify as female werewolves and selecting a number of them to portray as reduction linocut portraits. 

Image credit: Jazmina Cininas, Christina sleeps on both sides of Grandma’s bed, 2010, reduction linocut. Courtesy of the artist.

Rona Green: Champagne Taste and Lemonade Pockets
2nd Dec 2017 - 4th Mar 2018 
Rona Green: Champagne Taste and Lemonade Pockets
Bennett Gallery

Tattoos, science fiction, B-grade movies and secret societies –  this is the fodder of Rona Green, an artist renowned for her prints and paintings of anthropomorphic characters.  Champagne taste and lemonade pockets presents a menagerie of identities drawn from the last decade of Green’s printmaking practice.

Adorned with the tattoos and uniforms of archetypal gangsters, urban legends and ‘Aussie’ stereotypes, Green creates a fantastical world where dogs postulate as stand over men, cats become villainous masterminds and rabbits are fierce cyber warriors. Funny, charming and habitually disturbing, Green’s work highlights the link between social and cultural identity and matters of power, value systems, and ideology.

A Bendigo Art Gallery touring exhibition

Image: Rona Green, McGoohan, 2015, hand coloured linocut. Courtesy the artist and Australian Galleries.