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Future Exhibitions

Sidney Nolan: 100 Year Celebration
7th Apr 2017 - 21st May 2017 
Sidney Nolan: 100 Year Celebration
Simpson Gallery

Born 100 years ago on April 22, 1917, Sidney Nolan was to become one of Australia’s most celebrated painters.  He is best known for his painting series inspired by Australian landscapes, legends and history and featuring figures such as the Kelly Gang, shipwreck victim Eliza Fraser, and the explorers Burke and Wills.

This exhibition celebrates Nolan’s diverse career and includes paintings, rarely seen photographs, screenprints and the much loved Glenrowan tapestry, all from the Benalla Art Gallery Collection.

Nolan’s 1949 Central Australia series of photographs ‘provide a window into the life of outback Australia during the postwar era. More than this, they are the product of an artistic eye, revealing much about Nolan’s working process and highlighting the significant role that photography played in relation to his art.’


Saturday 22 April, 2-4pm: Sidney Nolan’s 100th Birthday Celebration

Born on the Street: A Collector's View
8th Apr 2017 - 7th May 2017 
Born on the Street: A Collector's View
Bennett Gallery

Born on the Street presents the work of two giants of the Australian street art community, Rone and Adnate.

Adnate shares his passion for indigenous cultures by painting large-scale, realistic portraits in the streets. From a graffiti background, he has gained world-wide recognition and captivated viewers with his monumental street art portraits.

Rone has gone from spearheading Melbourne’s fledgling street art movement in the early 2000s as a member of the Everfresh crew, to being a celebrated fixture on the international street art scene. As a street artist he is best known for his haunting, stylised images of women’s faces. 

Born on the Street celebrates the passion of two of Australia’s foremost street art collectors, Sandra Powell and Andrew King, and their dedication and support for artists whose work is often thought of as temporary and transgressive.

Part of the 2017 Benalla Wall to Wall Festival, 6 - 9 April.</p>


Saturday 8 April, 4pm: Artists RONE and Adnate in conversation with street art collectors Sandra Powell and Andrew King.

Sunday 9 April, 11am: Exhibition tour with street art collectors Sandra Powell and Andrew King

A Quivering Brightness
12th May 2017 - 6th Aug 2017 
A Quivering Brightness
Bennett Gallery

In a letter to fellow painter Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton described his experience at the summer painting camp he had set up on the outskirts of Melbourne in the late 1880s:

‘I sit here in the upper circle surrounded by copper and gold, and smile with joy under my fly net as all the light, glory and quivering brightness passes slowly and freely before my eyes.’

This exhibition celebrates the passion many artists share for the Australian landscape and the special quality of light which they strive to capture. A Quivering Brightness presents landscapes and views from the Benalla Art Gallery Collection dating from the mid-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century, and includes works by many of Australia’s most highly regarded artists.

Image: Abram Louis Buvelot, The Barwon, oil on canvas. Gift of L. H. Ledger, 1986


Saturday 20 May, 10-4pm (1 hr lunch): Landscape painting class with artist Julie Guppy