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Previous Exhibitions

VCE Showcase
9th Nov 2018 - 9th Dec 2018 
VCE Showcase
Bennett Gallery

VCE SHOWCASE is an exhibition of painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media, ceramics, film, animation, textiles, drawing, installation and printmaking produced by VCE Studio Arts students from North East Victoria.

With a dynamic approach to presentation, which includes the exhibition of student preparatory support material such as folios and notebooks, VCE SHOWCASE provides students the opportunity for artistic recognition in a public art space. 

Education programs for schools include introductory lectures, folio viewings, floor talks with Benalla Art Gallery’s Education and Public Programs Curators.

Image: Olivia Milner, 2018, Benalla P-12 College.

Broken River Potters
26th Oct 2018 - 2nd Dec 2018 
Broken River Potters
Simpson Gallery

Broken River Potters are a community group of ceramic artists based in North East Victoria. They meet regularly to learn new skills and share creative ideas and processes. This exhibition showcases recent works by many talented members of the group. Membership is diverse and inclusive, ranging from complete beginners to those who regularly enter exhibitions. 

A key feature of the group is its self-help ethos and supportive environment – the sharing of ideas and knowledge to help newcomers learn more about this ancient craft. As all members have their own unique style and employ a wide variety of techniques, there is never a shortage of inspiration, new ideas and creativity. Techniques include: hand-building with coils, slabs and pinching, slip casting and using the wheel.  Works created include functional wares, realistic or creative animals, architectural sculptures and exquisitely carved artworks. 

“Seeing the way members decorate their pieces is always a highlight, especially the glazing. How textures and glazes interact and fall, sometimes unpredictably, is an endless source of delight. No one can describe the anticipation, before opening the kiln, nor seeing our finished pieces, with their beautiful glazes catching the light, for the first time”. Lorna Hobbs, 2018

Opening Reception: Sunday 28th October, 3 - 4:30pm

Public Programs:
Saturday 17th November - Pottery Workshop, 10 – 2pm
Saturday 24th November - Makers’ Market, 9 – 1pm

Image: Melissa Grimwade, Pots, 2018.

Samantha Heriz: Initial Suspicions
22nd Sep 2018 - 21st Oct 2018 
Samantha Heriz: Initial Suspicions
Simpson Gallery

Samantha J Heriz is a British/Australian visual artist working conceptually across media. Much of her work concerns language, words, speech and the conveyance of subtlety. Often juxtaposition and duration are utilised to play with figure/ground to highlight the overlooked.

This 4-channel video installation was made whilst on residency at TAKT Berlin in 2016. During the month Heriz overtly spied from the inside and outside of Building No.1, the location of the Stasi Headquarters. The building remains largely unchanged and its essence of ‘ubiquitous control’ seems to linger. This work sees words from Party slogans, songs and official media, paired with footage of the Stasi Headquarters in 2016.

Looking But Not Seeing
10th Aug 2018 - 4th Nov 2018 
Looking But Not Seeing
Bennett Gallery

There are more images circulating in the world then ever before. Despite this, never has photography occupied such an anxious understanding of itself. Freed - through technological advances - of the requirement to represent the real, globally photography is questioning its expressive value and beginning to redefine itself.

This exhibition contributes an Australian voice to this international conversation. Concentrated through strategies of dispersal and aggregation, Looking But Not Seeing brings together a group of artists whose work engages with questions of what photography is now and where it is going.

Jacqui Ball, Nina Gilbert, Eliza Hutchison, Will Nolan, Nik Pantazopoulos, Kiron Robinson, Vivian Cooper Smith, Darren Sylvester, Marian Tubbs, Xanthe Waite and Grace Wood.

Curated by Kiron Robinson.

This exhibition has received assistance from NETS Victoria’s Exhibition Development Fund, supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

Exhibition Opening Sunday 2 September, 3-5pm

Image: Darren Sylvester, Ghost Story, 2017, light jet print. Courtesy the artist, Neon Parc, Melbourne and Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney

Sea HER Land
30th Jun 2018 - 26th Aug 2018 
Sea HER Land
Simpson Gallery

Inspired by this year’s 2018 NAIDOC theme ‘Because of Her, We Can’, Sea HER Land showcases exquisite works made entirely from natural materials by six of Baluk Arts’ key female Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

Each artist has a strong connection to the material they have utilised in their work, such as bull kelp, shells, bones, clay, wool, wood, river reed and feathers. Collecting and working with materials from places lived in or travelled to, these strong Indigenous women identify with their heritage to reclaim and reignite their innate cultural expression. Whether from the sea or the land, these materials evoke memories of personal history.

Cradled in the form of vessels, these are women’s stories, expressing the essence of protection and strength.

Artists: Tallara Gray, Cassie Leatham, Beverley Meldrum, Nannette Shaw, Lisa Waup, Gillian Garvie.  Presented in partnership with Baluk Arts and Craft Victoria.

JEWELLERY WORKSHOP: Join the artists for an introductory workshop in the use of natural materials such as twine, wood and reeds to make earrings, necklaces and bracelets.
Sunday 15 July, 11am - 1pm
Gallery members FREE, non-members $10
Bookings: 03 5760 2619

Image: Lisa Waup, Vessel 2018. Photographer: Fred Kroh

Goggomobil D’Art Project
25th May 2018 - 24th Jun 2018 
Goggomobil D’Art Project
Simpson Gallery

The iconic Goggomobil Dart car, with its painted paper darts by Melbourne contemporary artist Robert Clinch, is a distinctive and unique ‘objet d’art’. This engaging painted art car will be on show at Benalla Art Gallery from Friday 25 May to Sunday 24 June 2018, along with paintings, drawings and a documentary. The Goggomobil D’Art Project is being exhibited to celebrate the annual Benalla Historic Vehicle Tour and the Historic Winton weekend.

The Goggomobil was named and designed by Bill Buckle who thought ‘Dart’ summed up the tiny, good-looking little sports car. The sense of flight and fun implied by paper darts is a perfect fit for the Dart car.

This classic 1960s Australian designed and built Dart sports car is an aesthetic object in itself, peppered with painted paper darts by artist Robert Clinch.Classic car collector Jeff Brown, son of renowned art dealer Joseph Brown whose collection is a highlight of the National Gallery of Victoria, collaborated with Robert Clinch to conceive this stimulating project. Robert’s hyper-real paintings and works on paper depicting urban Melbourne often feature paper darts, which have become a signature motif for him.

Image: Robert Clinch, Goggomobil D’art Project 2017. Image courtesy the artist, Jeff Brown and Lauraine Diggins Gallery.

Squatters and Savages: Peter Waples-Crowe and Megan Evans
27th Apr 2018 - 5th Aug 2018 
Squatters and Savages: Peter Waples-Crowe and Megan Evans
Bennett Gallery

Squatters and Savages is ‘an eloquent contemplation of the colonial period, its legacies and ongoing impact’. (Professor Lynette Russell)

A collaborative exhibition by artists Peter Waples-Crowe and Megan Evans, Squatters and Savages brings together reflections on both colonisers and Indigenous people in a creative reimagining. Waples-Crowe is Ngarigo and his work reflects on the representation of Aboriginal people in popular culture. Evans is of Scottish, Irish Welsh heritage, born on Wurundjeri land, and her work examines the role of her ancestors in the brutal history of this country.

Image: Peter Waples-Crowe, SAVAGES letters 2017, digital prints on calico with cotton on recycled blankets. Art Gallery of Ballarat Collection.
Image courtesy the artist.

Three Storylines
19th Apr 2018 - 20th May 2018 
Three Storylines
Simpson Gallery

Three Storylines captures the poetry of place as seen by three artists, Glenda MacKay, Christine Upton and Barbara Pritchard. The exhibition explores their connection to place and the process of making and creating images of Riverina, Murray River and North East Victoria landscapes.

Christine Upton is a printmaker who lives in Corowa on the banks of the Murray River. Her depiction of landscape comes from memories, journeys and connections to particular places.

Barbara Pritchard lives in Walwa in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains. Her work reflects a love of natural fibre textiles and fascination with the process of dyeing with natural dyes. Using leaves, berries, bark and seeds from the land on which she lives Barbara employs traditional and contemporary dyeing techniques to create textile pieces bringing a feeling of connection to the land.

Glenda Mackay lives in Rutherglen in North East Victoria and creates aerial landscapes through painting, collage and assemblages. She references the grids of farmland and the grids of quilts to explore the connections between home, the land and a sense of place.                                                                                                     

Image: Glenda MacKay, Summer, when we harvest wheat (detail), 2016. Assemblage of painted wood blocks.

Ornament and Subject
28th Mar 2018 - 30th Sep 2018 
Ornament and Subject
Ledger Gallery

Drawn from the Benalla Art Gallery Collection, this exhibition explores the idea of works of art as studies of particular subjects, primarily through portraiture in this case, and also as decorative ornaments.

Ornament and Subject features paintings, photography and prints from the 19th century to the present day with a special focus on contemporary female artists.

Image: Jacqui Stockdale, Rama Jarra, The Shepherdess 2012. C type print. Benalla Art Gallery Collection

Dead Set Legends: An Anthology of Individuals
10th Mar 2018 - 15th Apr 2018 
Dead Set Legends: An Anthology of Individuals
Bennett Gallery

Tom Gerrard’s art started appearing on Melbourne’s streets in the mid-1990s. Imbued with an intense wanderlust, he is an inveterate world traveller, roving for many years throughout Latin America, USA, Europe and Asia, adorning walls and holding highly-successful exhibitions.

Tom’s subjects are the people, architecture and objects that surround him. Heavily featured in his art is his sympathetic renderings of middle-aged men sporting receding hairlines, mullets and unique facial hair. These portrayals are inspired by the characters Tom has observed during his travels.

The characters in Dead Set Legends: An Anthology of Individuals are a time-capsule of style.They know exactly who they are and don’t get caught up with the distractions that affect our modern-day egos: the fashions and the trends of 2018 are irrelevant to them. They are truly free to express themselves and you know that they like what they see in the mirror.

Supported by the SANDREW Collection.