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Howard Arkley & Juan Davila - Masters of Collaboration
1st Oct 2011 - 20th Nov 2011 
Howard Arkley & Juan Davila - Masters of Collaboration
Bennett Gallery

This exhibition features two stunning installations created jointly by the ‘Masters of Collaboration’ - Juan Davila and Howard Arkley.

Curated by Robert Hirschmann
30th Jul 2011 - 25th Sep 2011 
Curated by Robert Hirschmann
Bennett Gallery

Anyone with an even remote interest in contemporary art, issues of the moment, life at the leading edge should see this exhibition. Even those who prefer the traditional couldn’t complain about the exquisite miniature mask from the Congo, Goya etching and early Roger Kemp work. It’s eclectic, it’s stimulating but best of all it’s uplifting in a way which the best of the new can be.

Curator Robert Hirschmann has gathered the artworks from the studios and galleries of leading Australian contemporary artists. In addition to an example of the artists work, he has asked for a work from their personal collection. A work which inspires and guides their contemporary artmaking.

The results are very interesting.

Of course it makes perfect sense that Bruce Armstrong is inspired by Goya the life size standing figure, with friendly or not bear at the gallery entrance relates well to the dilemmas which Goya depicts. And the Gunter Christman painting of the big ball of fabric remnants is matched by the actual ball, made by his wife. There are other marriage matches of art as well. Ben Quilty is represented by a very impressive sculpture, an addition to his skills as a portrait painter which won him the 2011 Archibald Prize.

Exhibits include carvings from New Guinea, photographs, religious antiques, a knitted wool installation, many paintings and unconventional works of all kinds. There is literally more than something for everyone, and of a very high standard as well. Eighty works are included, representing forty artists and their collection piece of choice. 

“There are very few exhibitions with this variety and scale presented in public galleries. We have enjoyed the development of the exhibition, the arrival of so many works from far afield and the final presentation, which I personally think is a complete knockout”. Director Simon Klose said.

“We congratulate Robert Hirschmann on his selection and the excitement which the exhibition creates. We really want people to come along and enjoy an up to the minute review of much of Australian art and artists”.